Let Him Eat Cake

Duro Olowu with Iman
more photos ›Duro Olowu was the guest of honor at a dinner party hosted by Vogue's Sally Singer that drew Maria Cornejo, Simon Doonan, and Lakshmi Menon, among others, to Norwood last night. The London-based, Nigerian-born designer, who's married to the American curator Thelma Golden, was experiencing the after-effects of a successful trunk show at Barneys the day before, during which he'd helped dozens of ladies into and out of his best-selling patchwork printed tunic dresses, orchid-sleeve jackets, and high-waisted cheetah trousers. "I'm knackered," he said, then proceeded to keep his tablemates Iman and Iris Apfel entertained all night.

"Many of us make our livings finding things and collecting stuff, but there's no greater curator of anything than Duro," said Singer during her toast. "And that's increased exponentially since he married Thelma." Case in point: After everyone had sung Olowu and his pal Amanda Brooks "Happy Birthday" and then dug into the delicious red velvet cake, Golden table-hopped, touting the authenticity of the ingredients—"beet juice makes it that color, not food coloring," she said—as well as the Harlem bakery, Make My Cake, from whence it came. Here's another: "Duro has the most incredible taste," said Brooks. "He combines couture shapes and the best Italian and French silk with his own love of African-inspired prints and outrageous colors. I'm just waiting for Michelle Obama to discover him."

— Nicole Phelps


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By Laird Borrelli-Persson
After embracing his inner Christian Lacroix on the runway in February, Erdem Moralioglu focused on ease for his charming Resort collection. There were zip-up-and-go cocktail dresses with neat ballet necklines, an evening gown that slips over the head like a T-shirt with a blouson in back, and print tops that he called "sloppy" (they looked pretty smart to us). "I was thinking about what I've done that I love," the designer said of his approach to the season. That means his abstracted florals and embroideries are back, but intriguingly filtered through a sort of Japonisme that hints at his upcoming travel schedule: He's going on holiday to Tokyo and Kyoto.

DIY Fragrance, Now At Bloomingdale’s

Those of you familiar with Robin Coe-Hutshing’s Studio Beautymix, the legendary purveyor of hard-to-find skincare, fragrance, and cosmetics brands located at Fred Segal, also know that it’s an indulgence exclusive to beauty junkies with an L.A. zip code. This month brings some good news for the rest of us, though. In addition to the store’s grand entrée into cyberspace with the launch of its new comprehensive Web site, Coe-Hutshing’s Memoire Liquide bespoke perfumery concept has recently taken up residence at Bloomingdale’s in New York. The East Coast outpost features 75 exclusive fragrances that can be worn alone or combined, customized on site in a single flacon, or distributed in a set of three for layering at home. Bloomingdale’s in San Francisco is next on the list to receive a Memoire Liquide boutique, and Coe-Hutshing tells us that ready-to-wear fragrances are also in the works for later this year. Stay tuned.