Discover Your Italy (

, Re:Source Media ( and EAST Tours ( will host an educational seminar during International Luxury Travel Mart (

to outline strategies on how travel businesses can reinvent their

products and brands through effective media relations. The event will

be held at 3pm on December 8th at the Media Center inside the Palace of

Festivals and Congress in Cannes, France.

In today’s competitive landscape, travel marketers must connect

with potential consumers via all possible media outlets.  “Getting

noticed is paramount, while building a deeper relationship with your

customers is critical, which is why all travel companies need to employ

a multi-platform media relations strategy.” says Kevin Fox, President

of Re: Source Media, “You must however choose who you work with quite

carefully by identifying a media producer that understands your

business values and has platforms that already communicate with

audiences in your target list”.  

According to Daniela Mencarelli, Managing Partner of Discover Your

Italy, having her company featured on CNBC World helped build potential

customers’ confidence. “See and learn about our services through a TV

interview and web videos save us the time on proving and reassuring how

good we are. Customers know that Discover Your Italy is trustworthy and

reputable, thanks to the TV exposure” says Mencarelli, “Furthermore, it

allows us to present unique itineraries that can inspire viewers to

experience Italy in extraordinary ways”. Mencarelli was invited to

introduce wine routes and gourmet tours in Veneto on Wine Portfolio

( a lifestyle travel show hosted by food and

wine connoisseur Jody Ness. The show is produced by Re:Source Media and

can be viewed globally at CNBC World (

A Perfect Marriage for Travel and Media will be presented by Fox

and Mencarelli to share practical information on integrated media

relations. Using the case study of “Wine Portfolio, Veneto Episode-

Discover Your Italy & more” the seminar will provide travel

marketers ideas and insights to create optimal results at minimum costs

through smart Public Relations and Marketing campaign. 

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