It is home to beautiful attractions; sunny beaches, Worth Avenue

shopping and, of course, beautiful people. The town of Palm Beach will

now be home to the first television series to highlight the things that

make us beautiful. Entitled “Beauty Illustrated TV,” the 13-part

original series is planned to air on WEtv, and WEtv’s New York cable

affiliate, Wedding Central, every Saturday at 9 AM.

Beauty Illustrated TV will compete with morning talk and reality

shows as it engages in a common emotion with its viewers. “The goal of

Beauty Illustrated TV is to entertain and educate an audience not only

conscious about looking young, but also willing to take the necessary

steps to actually prolong their youth,” says Erik Di Somma, President of

The VLTRA Group and Executive Producer of the series. According to Di

Somma, Beauty Illustrated TV features late-breaking beauty industry news

plus the latest in fashion, events as well as advice from beauty


The birth of a new medium in a time when it is most needed is no

coincidence. In 2008, while researching ways to publicize his company’s

anti-oxidant delivery technology, Di Somma encountered problems

inherent to the beauty industry. “The industry has become too ambiguous

for the average consumer to understand and too competitive to allow the

proper publicity of real anti-aging technology,” Di Somma explains.

“We designed this series to address these issues.” As a former health

show and news producer, Di Somma believes the series can be a functional

tool in beauty product marketing.

Beauty Illustrated TV is a collaborative effort between The VLTRA

Group, Inc., a Georgia Corporation focusing on skin-care research and

Discover Entertainment Group, LLC, a Florida independent production

company. Melody Holcomb, cosmetics model and host of the series, gives

the advice needed in helping viewers make more informed purchasing


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