Jean-Pierre Jeunet brings us the fabulous world of Amélie in

his colorful film about a quirky, shy girl with an inquisitive mind and

an active imagination. Audrey Tautou glows as a charming cafe girl

on a mission to uncover a mystery

and find true love. Jeunet delivers a glowing view of a Paris full of

amiable eccentrics, with the few truly mean people receiving comedic

punishment in full view.

Directed By

Jean-Pierre Jeunet

Written By

Guillaume Laurant,

Jean-Pierre Jeunet


Audrey Tautou,


Jamel Debbouze,

Claire Maurier,

Isabelle Nanty,

Dominique Pinon,

Artus de Penguern,

Yolande Moreau,

Lorella Cravotta,

Serge Merlin,

Clotilde Mollet,

Urbain Cancelier,

Maurice Bénichou

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