By Chandra Fox, a Finalist of NewsPortalSite’s Writing Contest

onto your happiness, hold on with every ounce of strength you posess. I
firmly believe in this world the only thing worth having, and fighting
for, is love. It’s by far the most difficult to achieve, and even harder
yet to hold on to.
Faith is the ability to
believe in something you cannot see or touch. Something you only know is
there because your soul can recognize it. It is hard won, and generally
even harder to maintain. I think few people ever really appreciate it.
But, goodness, it feels stellar to achieve. For me love breeds faith,
leading then to inner peace and happiness.
are not enough words in the English language to properly articulate the
crucial importance of inner peace. It’s the basic component and
building block for any type of stable and fulfilling existence. If you
don’t agree, you’re more than welcome to try living without it. I have.
This of course means tackling all
those inner demons, facing your fears, and accepting that even though
you have convinced everyone around you that you’re happy, you’re not. I
think a lot of people have mastered self deception. At one point I had
gotten fantastic at convincing myself that I felt great. No worries. I
could almost ignore that sour, sinking feeling at the pit of my stomach
that called me out. “FRAUD”.
The most insane
part about it? Tackling those inner demons was not nearly the mountain
I’d built up in my head. Granted, it was a fairly respectable hill, but
no match for my determination. I think inside of all of us is a force of
determination to be reckoned with. Humans possess a fascinating lot of
idiosyncrasies. The urge to fight for one’s own happiness is dominant,
and still somehow we generally are own biggest challenge. Most can talk
themselves into and out of just about anything. The instinct to allow
others’ opinions to define us is strong. The most successful, and
happiest folks are the ones who figured out that it doesn’t matter. Not
even a little bit.
How is that for
contradictory? We are semi-programmed from an early age to be conscious
of what everyone thinks of us, and then conform. During our most
informative years most are struggling to “fit in”. What a load of hooey.
When push comes to shove, and it matters the most, as an adult, the
only person that matters is YOU. The only thoughts that are going to
influence your life are your own. We set ourselves up for failure.
I could go back in time, the only think I’d do different is get to know
myself better when I still had the time to not learn how to always
question my own thoughts. I mean, seriously, who the hell can know
better than me what it’s going to take to make me smile? I think self
doubt is debilitating. It shouldn’t take for someone else to say “hey,
you’re awesome” for anyone to know it about themselves.
yeah, for the record, I am pretty awesome. This is not an arrogant
statement, it is coming directly from my sense of confidence. The
knowledge that deep down I am a good person. Perhaps not the smartest,
prettiest, or coolest person in the room, but awesome in my own right. I
think that having the ability to even say it to myself, and BELIEVE it,
makes me successful. Not needing anyone to tell me anything about
myself. Though, of course, I am only human. I think it’s just nothing
short of wonderful that the goddess has blessed me with friends that dig
who I am too. It makes me want to tell everyone I know, all the time
just how wonderful they are.
For a long time,
every single day, I made it a point to tell all my female friends, at
least once every day, that they are beautiful. I think every woman
should hear it every day. I still do it,it’s just second nature now.
It’s not hard to remember to when I am surrounded by the most amazing,
beautiful, divine women that have ever graced this earth.
sincerely hope each and every single one of them knows that they are
stunning. As my love would put it..”perfect within their imperfections”.
life is so enriched for the diverse group of individuals I am SO PROUD
to call my friends. I never dreamed that I would know such fantastic
people, and somehow they all blow my mind every single day. People that
are wonderful in their own right, and confident of it. It’s kind of an
extra super amazing concept. The way I see it, these people are super
heroes, each in their own way. Strong, confident, happy. They have
worked for their happiness as well, and are amazing friends.
contentment that enlightenment breeds. Sensational feeling. I am
absolutely dedicating this adventure to “The Other Side Of The Looking
Glass” to my friends. The most diverse, brilliant, beautiful people I
have ever encountered. Thank you, a bazillion times over, for enriching
my life as you all do. It wouldn’t be the paradise it is without each
and every one of you in it.

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I am a 32 year old college student and I love to write when I have a reason, or become inspired.

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