By Carina Gutierrez, a Finalist of NewsPortalSite’s Writing Contest

you have a child with a disability you see the world in a different
way. You truly understand that true beauty lies within and it doesn’t
take diamonds, clothes, or having the best of everything to see that
true happiness is inside your soul. I have a beautiful daughter who was
diagnosed with Autism at three years old. Now at eleven she doesn’t do
the things that a girl at her age would normally do; she doesn’t talk
about boys, gossip with friends, or shop for clothes. She plays with her
dolls, colors, and loves watch anything Disney. She’s at the most part
non-verbal, but when we get a small glimpse of her voice it’s so
beautiful to hear. The outdoors is so calming to her. She sees the
beauty in things that most people take advantage of, from the clouds in
the sky to a leaf on a tree. For those that don’t know, Autism effects 1
in every 110 children in our country. So it breaks my heart to see
average children not taught by their parents that no matter the
difference in someone, deep down we are all the same. My daughter loves
kids around her; she gets very excited around them. I love when she is
happy like that because I can see the twinkle in her eyes. Her world
that she knows and is comfortable with just became even better with just
one child that acknowledges that she’s around. But there’s always a few
children that don’t know any better that come along and tell everyone
“A special kid, RUN!” and that just breaks my heart. Parents with
typical children need to teach their kids that children with a
disability are no different than their own. We all have the same
feelings. They’re spirit can be broken too. I don’t want to see that
twinkle gone from my child’s eyes because a peer doesn’t understand.
Kids have the greatest impact on one another and I’ll always be grateful
for the kids that showed my daughter what true friendship really is.
She loves the girls that meet her every day before school, have lunch
with her, and then play on the playground. She’s taken out of the world
that Autism boxes her in and allows her share what a lot of people miss
out of. I’ve sat with kids with Autism and they are pretty amazing
people. You see things as they would see them, and you appreciate life
around you more. I truly believe that my daughter is here for a reason,
along with the many children with a disability. They open our eyes to
true happiness and beauty. They see the things that we blind ourselves
with because we think we need this or that to be happy. We need to
educate our children in the differences that kids face in one another
and you’ll soon see that our kids could make a difference in some one’s
life which will impact them for the rest of their life.

About the Author

Gutierrez lives in Anaheim, Ca with her Husband and her three kids.
She’s a stay at home mom that writes stories in her free time.

About The Author