By Ashli Ceraolo, a Finalist of NewsPortalSite’s Writing Contest

healthy, maintaining a nutritional diet, and exercising adequately is
not the only factors needed to keep weight off and keeping a healthy
lifestyle. Appearing healthy is not about being unrealistically thin, or
keeping yourself from eating the foods that you enjoy. It is rather
about feeling great, having tons more energy, and keeping yourself as
healthy as possible, but in realistic measures. One of the most
important steps to having, or maintaining a healthy lifestyle is
understanding the way your body functions.

people still do not understand why it is that he or she eats. Often, it
is because you are hungry, tired, or your stomach is rumbling. Also,
many people may eat because they are bored, happy, or depressed. Those
are just some of the emotional reasons why you need to eat, but more in
depth, the food you may eat provides the body with the energy required
for your body to function. The main form of energy for your body is
carbohydrates. The body has the easiest time digesting carbohydrates
just like sugar and starch. Carbohydrates are broken down into
individual glucose. Glucose is your body’s favorite form of energy.
Without carbohydrates, your body can not make glucose from protein or
fat, and without them the body will store them as fat. Not only is
carbohydrates a must for a healthy balanced diet, but protein serves as a
great importance as well.

in the foods you eat are broken down into amino acids. The body uses
the amino acids to build and repair various parts of the body. For
example, your muscles contain a lot of protein, and you need to refresh
that protein through your diet. Protein is also necessary for the
components of your immune system, hormones, nervous system, and organs.
Calcium is another raw material that your body needs. Serving many
functions in the body, but the main function is to keep your bones and
teeth strong, often found in milk.

and minerals you receive from your daily diet are just as important as
carbohydrates, proteins, and fats. However, they should only be
conceived in small amounts. Vitamins and minerals help chemical
reactions in the body happen a lot faster. There are many vitamins and
minerals that serve our body a great purpose. For example, Vitamin A is
needed for vision, zinc is involved in numerous metabolic processes, and
vitamin c helps keep connective tissue strong and the immune system
functioning properly; These vitamins and minerals are known as “little
helpers.” Knowing your body and how it functions is vital to sustain a
healthy lifestyle, but it is also good to know different ways to help
keep your body flourished consistently.

are many things that you can do to not only get healthy, but stay
healthy. When people hear “healthy,” they generally think of eating the
right foods, and exercising on a daily basis. This is not wrong, but
there is much more to that. One of the main strategies is to eat a
healthy breakfast. A healthy breakfast is necessary because the energy
received from it will carry you through your morning in a more stable
way than by eating stimulating foods such as sweets and coffee. Stick to
eating a serving of whole grains, a digestible protein, or one or more
fruits. Studies have shown, for example, that eating breakfast can lower
a persons cholesterol. This is because breakfast tends to be high in
fiber, which absorbs cholesterol in the intestines. More importantly,
when we skip breakfast, our bodes go for 10-16 hours with no outside
energy, which then makes us feel more tired and it slows your metabolism
down. To improve your diet as well as your nutrition eat a good
breakfast everyday.

water consistently throughout the day is also an important asset to
your health. It is often said to drink eight ounces of water a day. A
human body is made up of 60 percent of water, and it is a main function
in the body for circulation, digestion, and the absorbent or nutrients.
even though, the many foods we eat and the beverages we consume contain
water, pure water is the best form to take in to our system. It is shown
in recent studies that people who drink eight glasses of water a day
have fewer headaches and pains, and a generally improved health than of
those who do not. Frequent water consumption is an inexpensive and
adequate health practice.

with other people, believe it or not, is another way to a healthy
lifestyle. Connecting with other people as well as arranging bonds of
communication with other people emotionally and spiritually keeps us
healthy as much as a healthy diet nourishes our body. For example, Dr.
David Spiegel, performed a study of women with metastatic breast cancer.
He found that woman who met frequently for 90 minutes a week for a year
to share their feelings about their illness in a supportive group lived
an average twice as long as the women who were not apart of a support

and vegetables contain nutrients that are crucial for your health. For
example, dark-colored berries carry proanthocyanidins which are potent
antioxidants. These scavenge free-radicals, slow down aging, and help
fight cancer. The orange color in carrots and sweet potatoes illustrate
their high levels of beta-carotene which the body changes into vitamin
A, which is important for healthy skin and eyes. All fruits and
vegetables supply the body with the correct amount of fiber needed for
cholesterol regulation and proper bowel function. Many find it hard to
eat the correct amount of fruits and vegetables daily. A few ways to do
this is to emphasize vegetables in your meals, and choose fruits for
snack or desserts instead of ice cream or pie. Incorporate dark green
leafy greens into your diet everyday, remember the brightest and deepest
colors indicate the highest levels of nutrients.

eating properly serves as a main purpose in creating a healthy
lifestyle, being active physically is just as important. Many people
find it hard to incorporate long term exercising into their daily
schedules, but there are many activities that you can do that you have
probably overlooked because they are so simple. From playing with your
kids to cleaning the house, as little or as much vigorous workout you
have is a good start.

is one of the best forms of exercise that almost anyone can do. Just
walking twenty minutes away from your house and then returning is good
enough. A recent study showed that a person who walked their dog for
twenty minutes lost almost 14 pounds. If you do not have a dog, walk it
anyway. Even integrating little walks and activities into your daily
routines will help. Walk instead of driving a car when going to do
errands, or if you must drive, park in the far corner of the parking lot
and take the extra walk.

a hike is also a great form of exercise. It is a chance to go for a
long walk but it can also provide a different type of exercising
environment that will make it more enjoyable. Also, when doing your
daily house chores put on some music and dance while dusting furniture,
or while vacuuming. If you have a busy schedule it is important to get
all the exercise that you can, and eat the right foods that will be
beneficial to you.

of us enjoy our late night fast food joints, our high calorie coffee
shops, and our highly sugared breakfast cereals, but here are some of
those foods we enjoy to skip and alternatives to try. High calorie fast
food items that you should skip is the Quiznos Tuna Melt, Wendy’s
Baconator Triple, Burger King Tripple Whopper, and McDonald’s Big
Breakfast, instead, try Taco Bells’ Crunchy Beef Taco, Taco Bells’
Chicken Soft Taco, Subway 6″ Veggie Delight, and Subways’ 6″ Turkey
Breast Sandwich. Highly caffeinated drinks to skip is Dunkin’ Donuts
large Vanilla Bean Coolatta, and Starbucks large Double Chocolaty Chip
Frappuchino, instead, try Dunkin’ Donuts large Iced Coffee with milk, or
Starbucks Espresso large Macchiato with nonfat milk. Those sugary
cereals that we are tempted to eat that should be omitted from our diet
is Kellogg’s Honey Smacks, Kellogg’s Apple Jacks, and Kellogg’s Froot
Loops, instead, try Kashi Heart to Heart Toasted Oats, Kashi Honey
Sunshine, and Post Foods Honey Bunches of Oats-Corn Flakes. Just by
switching a few of our everyday unhealthy foods can make a great deal of
an impact of our nutritional lifestyle.

it is important to pay attention to your health and the type of
lifestyle that you are living. The things you eat have a great impact on
your daily health, which can eventually lead to lifelong. Switching
your everyday junk food to a simple fruit, vegetable, or a low calorie
food will eliminate weight gain. Odds are, if you respect yourself
people will respect you, and follow your lead as example.

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My name is Ashli Ceraolo and I am a 19 year old aspiring Journalist. I am a freshman in college, and am majoring in Journalism.

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