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Zankou Chicken: It’s All About the Garlic Sauce

I posted two short sentences on Twitter the other day, and got the following responses: “You suck.” “I hate you.” “JUST STOP IT.” What could I have tweeted that would elicit such vitriol? Here’s what I said: “Zankou Chicken, extra garlic sauce, pickled turnips.
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Bijoux! A Contemporary Art Jewelry Sale at the Norton Museum of Art Feb. 29, 2012 – March 4, 2012


A Contemporary Art Jewelry Sale
Feb. 29, 2012 - March 4, 2012

Brooch, 2010, by BIJOUX featured artist Donna Brennan

The Norton Museum of Art presents BIJOUX!, a contemporary art jewelry fundraiser, offering the public the chance to purchase one-of-a-kind contemporary art jewelry pieces directly from their creators. At least two dozen of the more than 40 international artists represented at BIJOUX! are expected to attend the event, which is open to the public during regular Museum hours (and with regular admission) March 1 – 4, 2012. BIJOUX! also includes a Feb. 28 dinner for patrons and artists at a private home, and a Feb. 29 preview cocktail party at the Museum. In addition, a discussion will be held at 3 p.m. on March 2 at the Museum with panelists Ela Bauer, Gloria Lieberman, Suzanne Ramljak, Davira Taragin and Donna Schneier as the moderator, and a workshop with Nirit Dekel is set for 11 a.m. on March 3rd. Limited seating available. Proceeds from BIJOUX! benefit the Norton’s exhibition and education programs.

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Thodos Dance Chicago’s Winter Concert

The winter season is never quite complete without Thodos Dance Chicago’s annual winter concert. The vibrant contemporary dance troupe consistently delivers exciting and fresh choreography but  this season’s show commemorates the company’s 20th anniversary so expect an extra special performance.
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Family Fun near Phoenix, Arizona

When I told my sister in law that I was taking my eldest daughter to Sunny Arizona she scoffed at me and said, “There is nothing to do there.”  I understood what she meant as, when she goes to Arizona, it is to visit family, not for a vacation.
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Makoto Tojiki – Light Sculptures

Japanese artist Makoto Tojikil is fascinated by light. He uses it in ways that create amazing illusions and out-of-this-world experiences in a subtle, inquisitive way. But what we love most is the way his No Shadow pieces – large animal and human sculptures made of strands of light - evoke a sense of playfulness, awe, possibility and wonder.