A Tinkerbelle Wedding Crown? Are you kidding me? Like all of us, I’ve been enchanted by that dream of happily ever after — and yes, this wedding crown is one reason why. Made in 1968 by K.E. Palmberg for Alton of Sweden, our ‘Brodkrona’ (Bridal Crown), worn by Sybilla, is topped with cabochon amethysts and pearls. I’m telling you, it’s the sweetest thing ever. There is a powerful charm to its petite scale. It’s a classic piece, with a modesty missing in today’s wedding paraphernalia.

Each crown has a distinctly modern design that works as well now as it did generations ago. Put it with those slick chignons they are showing on the runway and behold: a totally unique wedding look. Gone are the majestic poufs of lace to hide a young bride’s face. No more stiff hairdos to hypnotize the groom — just the architecture of a pretty face and a beautiful piece of ornamentation in the hair.

And let’s remember people, if you are not in the mood to get married, it’s also a divine black tie accessory… AND a chance to explore the Auction houses of Scandinavia — treasure awaits!

Start with Bukowskis and Auktioinsverk in Stockholm and Brun Rassmussen in Copenhagen. Also visit effie-graa.com


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