Most people would agree spring skin care is about keeping it light and natural. But if you overdo your makeup every morning, you’re probably not getting anywhere closer to youthful looking skin.

“Itâ??s all about balance. The darker your eyes the lighter your lips should be. The bolder your lips, the less drama you should have on your eyes. It is best to pick one area and focus on it,” says makeup artist and owner of MaddPretty Makeover Studio, Jackie Johnson.

For starters, Johnson says knowing your makeup mistakes is the key to fixing them. If you overuse your blush or eyeliner, try using lighter tones or playing with different textures, she says.

“People make these mistakes far too often and it scares others from experimenting with their own makeup,” she says.

And even if spring may be about playing it safe with colours, don’t be afraid to stand out. “Bold and bright are back in style for lips and eyes,” she says.

Here are 10 makeup mistakes that can age you.

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