We are gathered here today to mourn the loss of Rick Santorum’s sweater vests — a ceremonial farewell to bare arms, if you will. Today the presidential hopeful has withdrawn from the race, taking his sartorial signature with him.

Some were skeptical of the vests. “I mean, sweater vests are, I guess, charming for family photos and dinner with the grandparents…” Scarlett Johansson once told us. Some were downright scared, as the Twitter handle @fearricksvest suggests.

But we found the vests, however ridiculous, to be endearing and even admirable — there is a certain amount of bravery involved in wearing one, after all. Plus they were a boon for the campaign: sales of custom “Rick Santorum”-branded vests reportedly raised $300,000 for the candidate’s race for the Republican presidential nomination.

Alas, that race is now over as Santorum puts an end to his presidential journey. And so we say farewell to the fuzzy grandpa garments, as they join Rick Perry’s jewelry, Michele Bachmann’s fake nails and Herman Cain’s hats in the history books.

For one last look at the dearly departed, check out the pics below.

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