LONDON — London’s Gatwick Airport is closed after a Virgin Atlantic flight from Britain to Florida made an emergency landing Monday because of a “technical problem” on board the aircraft, officials said.

An airport spokeswoman said flights in and out of Gatwick are suspended “until further notice” because the plane is currently on the runway as passengers disembark.

She said the flight, which took off at 0948 GMT (5:48 a.m. EDT) Monday landed safely just under two hours later and emergency services were on the scene.

The spokeswoman did not give her name in keeping with company policy.

Virgin Atlantic confirmed in a statement that flight VS27 from Gatwick to Orlando, Florida, had returned to the airport and was evacuated.

“Due to a technical problem on board the aircraft, the captain decided as a precautionary measure to immediately evacuate the aircraft,” it said in a statement, adding that the flight had 299 passengers and 13 crew aboard.

The airline said it had teams at Gatwick to assist affected passengers.

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