New York may take the crown as America’s rudest city, but a new campaign is aiming to kick our bad manners to the curb with an equally rude, blunt series of posters titled, “Don’t Be A F*cking Asshole.”

The campaign specifically targets rude straphangers aboard the subway. So if you find yourselves routinely irked by the sight of a bag occupying a whole subway seat or becoming irrationally incensed when people block your way into a train, then you can relate.

Comedian Streeter Seidell created the series in hopes to resonate with New Yorkers by using posters “written in a style they’ll understand, so that one day, maybe, they won’t be quite so shitty.”

Of course, if you take pride in the foul-mouthed, wonderfully bitter behavior that makes this city what it is, you can also visit Rude NYC to proudly display our best, most discourteous moments.

Check out the cheeky campaign below:

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