The new International Contemporary Jewelry Fair (ICJF) aboard SeaFair in Miami during Art Basel Miami and 25 satellite fairs December 4 – 9, 2012 is the single most effective new retail model and jewelry trunk show model available to designers and jewelers – 10,000+ attendees, immediate cash sales, retention of 100% of proceeds, and the exposure to an extraordinary clientele from around the world. The fair does all the marketing, advertising, and promotion for the exhibitor group as a whole and brings the buyers to the venue – the exhibitor pays only a fee for participation.
ICJF is a retail consumer fair/showcase for 25-35 exhibiting jewelry designers held in a unique, custom designed and purpose built $40M megayacht exhibition venue.  This retail jewelry fair/showcase model for private clients provides a more convenient “big-box” venue model for consumers interested in viewing a broad range of jewelry in a single place. It offers the same convenience that art fairs provide for art collectors. There has been a recognizable global trend among art collectors who are increasingly shifting from regularly visiting individual stand alone “bricks and mortar“ art galleries to visiting and purchasing artwork at more convenient and “consumer friendly” art fairs as well as online.
Like traditional trunk shows, a well presented retail jewelry fair – especially at holiday seasons – can provide jewelers and jewelry designers’ immediate sales, substantial revenue, new clients, and future clients and commissions.
Exhibitors will welcome many of the world’s most prominent and sophisticated art collectors as well as the global glitterati of art week who visit Miami each year to make specifically to make significant purchases.