The International Contemporary Jewelry Fair – ICJF – is pleased to announce a new program for elite level clients – the Elite Collectors Program. Select ICJF exhibitors will offer unforgettable first class trips with a qualifying level purchase. These adventures will take clients to the origins of their purchase with personal visits with the designers, craftsmen, and artisans in the environment from which the bespoke work originated.

For collectors making purchases at the elite level – as defined by each exhibitor- the ICJF experience will extend far beyond the initial acquisition. “Collecting art – and jewelry – are experiences that can span a lifetime. Collecting is often more than a simple purchase. In the creative community, it often involves a special personal connection that enhances the collector’s artistic appreciation of the work and its creator,” said ICJF director and SeaFair owner, David Lester. “We have encouraged many of our exhibitors to create an exceptional encore experience for their Elite Level clients that will make their ICJF purchase only the beginning of a larger experience.”

Bagues Masriera of Barcelona will invite their Elite Collectors to a 5-day trip to Barcelona, Spain. The trip includes Business/First class airfare, accommodations at the Bagues Hotel, a visit to the firm’s 200-year old workshop, and personal tours of major Barcelona attractions such as the Gaudi Sagrada Familia Cathedral, Gaudi Parc Guell, the Picasso Museum and the Miro Foundation. Guests will also experience wonderful Catalan cuisine with their hosts.

Jewelmer of the Philippines will invite their Elite Collectors for a 5-day visit to their extraordinary Flower Island Resort (, adjacent to Jewelmer’s pearl farms, which produce their unique golden pearls. They will then go on to the capital city Manila for a special visit. The trip includes Business/First class airfare, accommodations, and all resort expenses.

Zydo of Italy will invite Elite Collectors to a 5-night visit to Milan and to their workshops in Valencia. The special guests will have the opportunity to visit with the master jewelry craftsmen of Zydo, as well as escorted visits to Milan’s museums, fashions districts, and cultural attractions. The trip includes Business/First class airfare, 5-star accommodations, and dinners with their hosts.

Autore will bring its Elite collectors to Australia for a visit to the Great Barrier Reef and the thriving capital city, Sydney. Depending on season, collectors will have the opportunity to visit the company’s pearl farms at harvest. While in Sydney, Autore will play hosts with visits to their workshops, a meet and greet with designers and craftsman, and a private dinner with founder, Rosario Autore. The trip includes Business/First class airfare, 5-star accommodations, and hosted events.

Scavia of Milan offers Elite collectors a 5-day visit to Milan where they will be personally hosted by Fulvio Scavia and his staff. A long-time leader of Milan’s jewelry and fashion glitterati, Scavia guests will experience the best in Italian hospitality, culture, and cuisine. The trip includes Business/First class airfare, 5-star accommodations, and hosted events.

Visiting Miami during annual fair week is an experience unto itself. As one of the largest global gatherings of dealers, artists, collectors, museum professionals, art press, and connoisseurs, it is a time of exhibitions, fairs, parties, concerts, and events of every kind. ICJF – in its new, spectacular Bayfront venue aboard the magnificent $40M exhibition megayacht, SeaFair filled with jewelry and designers from around the world – will be a special experience. The Elite Collectors Program presents a “once in a lifetime” buying experience. It creates a holiday gift for 2012 that “keeps on giving!”

For more information visit or call 239.949.5411.