Wellington, FL – January 2, 2014 – Laura Fetterman opened her Champion Equine Insurance agency three years ago with great success and positive feedback from the equestrian community and will continue to support the FTI Consulting Winter Equestrian Festival (FTI WEF) as sponsor of the Champion Equine Insurance Hunter & Jumper Style Awards this year.

Going into their fourth year as a sponsor, Champion Equine Insurance is pleased to continue supporting the equine owners and riders by presenting style awards to both hunters and jumpers. One hunter and one jumper award will be presented each week in selected classes to be determined throughout the 12 weeks of the FTI WEF circuit.

The Hunter Style Award is to be awarded to the hunter whose style most exemplifies a show hunter based on form, movement and way of going.

The Jumper Style Award is to be awarded to the jumper whose style best exemplifies a show jumper based on scope, rideability, technique and competitive spirit.

Championship recipients will be selected from the twelve finalists per discipline and will be determined based on most consistent style demonstrated over the 12 weeks of FTI WEF competition.

2013 recipients of the Champion Equine Insurance Jumper Awards were:

1. Aladin de Bornival/Cara Dodson
Low Junior Jumper

2. Castellana/Laura Chapot
YJC 7-Year-Old

3. Onira/Brianne Goutal
$50,000 Grand Prix

4. Bariano/Eugenio Garza
Junior Jumper Classic High

5. Everly Chin de la Pomme/Shane Sweetnam
1.45m Jumper

6. Woodstock O/Laura Kraut
1.40m Jumper

7. Casalita 2/Jennifer Rowland
Low Adult Classic 18-35

8. Boomerang/Kenzie Donovan
A/O Jumper Classic Medium

9. Zerly/Christine McCrea
WEF Challenge Cup

10. Slieveanorra/Richie Moloney
Suncast 1.50m

11. Atlanta 447/Daisy Johnson
A/O Jumper Classic Low

12. Wish/Jessica Springsteen
A/O Jumper Classic High

2013 Jumper Circuit Champion: (Champion Equine Insurance Style Award)
Woodstock O / Laura Kraut / Joan Kalman/Freedom Group – owner

Woodstock O and Laura Kraut received the 2013 Jumper Circuit Champion Style Award from Laura Fetterman of Champion Equine Insurance. Photo © Sportfot.
2013 recipients of the Champion Equine Insurance Hunter Style Award were:

1. Bacardi/Havens Schatt
First Year Green

2. South Hill/Erynn Ballard
Pre-Green Hunter 3′

3. Way Cool/Victoria Colvin
Large Junior Hunter 15 & Under

4. Positano/Missy Luczak-Smith
A/O Hunter 35 & Under

5. Gia/Peter Pletcher
Performance Working Hunter 3’6″

6. MacCallan/Havens Schatt
Performance Working Hunter 3’3″

7. Taken/Kelley Farmer
Regular Conformation Hunter

8. Iceman/Laurie Stevens
A/A Hunter 51 & Over

9. Fredrick/Kelsey Thatcher
A/O Hunter 18-35

10. Bonafide/Kelly Jones
Low Adult 2’6″

11. At One’s Word/Kelley Farmer
Second Year Green Hunter

12. Amalfi/Martha Ingram
Small Junior Hunter 15 & Under

2013 Hunter Circuit Champion: (Champion Equine Insurance Style Award)
Taken / Kelley Farmer

Taken with Laura Fetterman in the 2013 Hunter Circuit Champion Style Award presentation. Photo © Sportfot.
In addition to the style awards, Champion Equine Insurance will also be a sponsor during the USHJA/WCHR Hunter Spectacular competition during week six at the FTI WEF. Fetterman will present The Champion Equine Insurance Perpetual Trophy to the emerging professional with the highest score from the professional hunter divisions throughout WCHR qualifying competition.

Shawn Casady was presented the award in 2013 for his ride during the week. Sarah Mechlin won in 2012.

Laura Fetterman takes great pride in helping to further the careers of young professionals and sees the award as a perfect opportunity to do so. Fetterman stated, “Champion Equine Insurance is proud to continue to grow with both national and international equine clients while retaining a personal relationship. To be a member of the client’s team and to help the riders and owners feel secure that their equine insurance is always tailor suited to meet their specific needs is very important.”

With over 18 years of professional equine insurance experience, Laura Fetterman and Champion Equine Insurance offer unparalleled knowledge, integrity and customer service to provide the best protection for your champion and the peace of mind you deserve.

Fetterman is dedicated to supporting her fellow equestrians and providing the best possible services through her company. She knows what it takes to be a successful competitor and keep your equestrian partners in top health. Fetterman has been involved with horses since she was a young girl and has been in the equestrian insurance industry since 1995.

“I am grateful to have the opportunity to remain so closely involved with the equine world that I love,” Fetterman stated. “I am always thrilled to have some small part in the careers of so many top horses and riders. To be connected to the incredibly talented horse and rider combinations along with their dedicated owners is a great honor.”

Champion Equine Insurance, Inc. is excited to offer you an invitation to join the many satisfied equine owners who have placed their trust with an equine insurance provider, combining excellent cost effective coverage and competitive rates, with unparalleled personal customer service in the marketplace today.

For a quote today, to review your current policies, or to discuss any of your equine insurance needs, please contact Laura Fetterman at 561-596-5408 or email [email protected]

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