Downton Abbey

On Sunday, January 4th, at 6pm in the Rosenthal Lecture Room at the Preservation Foundation of Palm Beach’s offices, the premiere of season 5 of Downton Abbey will be shown.  You can view a trailer for it here:


On Monday, January 5th, at 6pm in the Rosenthal Lecture Room at the Preservation Foundation of Palm Beach’s offices, the film The Shooting Party (1985) will be shown. You can view a trailer for it here:


The showings are for MEMBERS ONLY.  Only reserved seating is available.  Those who wish to attend must be a member of the Preservation Foundation and should call 561.832.0731, ext. 110to reserve a seat.  Email responses are not accepted.

To become a member of the Preservation Foundation visit the Preservation Foundation’s or contact the Preservation Foundation by phone at 561-832-0731.



Downton Abbey, the award-winning and popular British period drama, returns for its fifth season. The fifth series takes place in the 1920s and continues to detail the trials and tribulations of the Crawleys, a family of nobility living on an estate called Downton Abbey. It also follows the lives of the servants on the estate. The preservation of the family estate continues to be the focus of the series. Now added to that are issues of public memorials projects and commercial land development.  Returning to Downton in 1924, a new Labour government heralds changes that are being felt throughout the land, as well as above and below stairs.  Plans for a war memorial unexpectedly pit Carson against Robert and Mrs. Hughes. Lord and Lady Grantham prepare to hold a party at Downton to celebrate their 34th wedding anniversary and an interesting development proposition concerning the future of the Downton estate is offered.


“A classic that will last for a long time to come.” – The Independent


“There is no mystery about the potency of this series, slathered in wit, powered by storytelling of a high order.” – The Wall Street Journal


“From virtually any angle, though, Downton Abbey is an almost peerless piece of real estate.” –Variety




The Shooting Party is a 1985 British drama film directed by Alan Bridges and based on the book of the same name by Isabel Colegate. In the summer before World War I, British nobleman James Mason invites an assorted group of acquaintances for a weekend shooting party on his huge estate. Among the participants are longtime rivals Edward Fox and Rupert Frazer, Fox’s occasionally unfaithful wife Cheryl Campbell, and staunch anti-hunting advocate John Gielgud.  The film shows the way of life of British aristocrats, gathered for pheasant shooting and general self-indulgence. Their way of life is contrasted with the local rural poor, who serve as ‘beaters’, driving the game for the aristocrats to shoot.  There is a general feeling of the end of a way of life, as the characters go about their lives unaware of the coming war and the changes it will bring. James Mason, who plays Sir Randolph Nettleby, the local landowner who has something of the old values while Edward Fox as Lord Gilbert Hartlip represents the newer types who don’t have the same solid beliefs: he gets into a competition over who is the best shot, despite his host’s disapproval. An engaging tale of the cultural shifts and the struggle to preserve a class and a community’s character, culture, and values.




The Foundation’s President Alexander C. Ives will present a short introduction, linking the films with the causes and work of the Preservation Foundation.

The showings will begin at 6pm.

Please note, doors lock at 6:15pm.


Refreshments will be provided.

As with all events, the Preservation Foundation expects attendees to act respectfully.  We reserve the right to turn away anyone.

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